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The 9 Word Email

(Video Transcript)

– – All right, guys. Hey, I’m really excited to show you this cool nine word email that you can send today, to get more new patients in the door. It’s a game changer. I absolutely love it. It’s worked for me many times.

I haven’t shared it because, I just wasn’t reminded of it’s power until today, when I had a new clinic sign on. They were actually a Weight Loss Clinic, and, they asked me what they could do to drum up some new business, like right now. I said, ” Well, If you want to re-activate your list, ‘then what you can do is send out a nine word email”.

So, with that context, I wanna show you guys the exact same thing, on you can, you know, if you need new patients now, or if you’re going into the holidays, you want a good reason why, to, to reactivate that list. I’m gonna show how to do it.

So, you’re gonna wanna come in and grab a, grab your list. OK, so whatever your list is, I’ve got a segment of our list here. So, we’ve got this here. And then, you gotta go to, edit who it’s from. So, I don’t like it to be from a business. This seems very impersable. So, what we’re gonna do, is we’re going to write in, you kmow, your name.

OK, so, it would be from Dr. So and So, whatever it is. So, put your name there. All right, and then, the subject headline, this is gonna knock your socks off. OK, this is pretty awesome. So, here’s what you’ll do. What you’re gonna to do is you’re going to go ahead in here, and, you’re just gonna put in this code, K? Whoop. And you’re gonna spell it right. K. First name. That is it. That’s the entire thing.

So, you’re gonna have first name in there. And then, I don’t put anything for this email in the preview text. And, then we’re gonna design an email here. So, even though you can go to save templates, or campaigns you run and duplicate what those look like, we’re gonna build this thing from scratch, so you can see how easy it is.

So, we’re just gonna build a basic template here. The whole idea of this particular email, is that it looks like an email that a friend would send to a friend. OK, so it doesn’t look really businessy or salesy. So, the first thing we want to get rid of, is the logo. We don’t want the logo on there. This is not from a business. This is from a friend.

All right, so we’re gonna go into the text box, pretty easy. This, my anticipation, hope, is that this part is gonna blow you away. K, so this is a nine word email. Nine words, is you know, we’ll fudge, give or take. So, here we go. Whoop. And…, that is it. That’s the email. All right? Let me see, one, two three, four, five, six, seven. This is a seven word email. Are you still interested in Migraine Relief? OK, and actually, let’s do this. And, then we’ll just go here. Do it again.

You don’t have to do this but, this is OK, and, then we’re gonna go down here and just say, OK. All right, and then, all right, and then my phone number. All right, so this is bold, this is, I don’t want that. I’m gonna go ahead and make sure it’s the right color. But, then the size I think. And then, when I look at that, that looks a little big. All right, cool.

That’s it . That’s the entire email. Now, I’m not gonna show you guys how to do this part, or part’s pretty straight forward. You can, you can do that yourself. So hit save. All right, we hit save and close. And that’s the entire email, K? That is the entire email. You schedule it. You send it. Whatever. OK, that clinic I was telling you about did this, The Weight Loss Clinic. They sent it out, and in less than 24 hours, they sent out one email, and, they got 30 leads, 30 leads. Pretty incredible. So, anyway, so, I hope you can do this. I hope it gets you great results. And, thanks guys.

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