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Can your Practice get a lead… Get the patient into the practice… And enroll them into a Care Plan for…

9K in Just 2 Days?

If not, read on because I’m about to outline all of the steps this clinic took so they can close high valued patients every week.

Let’s get started.

Whether you like it or not…


Here’s what I mean.

Your business, your brand, and everything you are exist first and foremost, online… PERIOD!

That means that you can’t afford to neglect the process of “cultivating” your businesses online appearance.

And while this seems overwhelming and confusing, it’s not as crazy as you think.

Just like a Farmer…


In this case, your “soil” is going to be your website, that’s where everything starts.

When it comes to websites, there’s some do’s and dont’s, but for now let me list out some of the DO’s:

  • It should be pretty.
  • It should be clean (cut the clutter).
  • It should have a single… clear… benefit based headline.
  • It should have professional photography of you and your practice. (There’s a time and place for stock photography, your website is not one.)
  • It should have a blog.

These are non-negotiable, and are 100% the foundation you must create for very fertile digital soil.

…Let’s move on.


There are vultures in every field.

  • Other professionals who discredit your services.
  • Bad character past patients (untrue reviews)
  • Direct competition.

Just to name a few, and THEY ALL WANT YOU TO DIE (figuratively)

So, if you’re going to fight these vultures, you need to install a scarecrow.

A solid stable of online reviews (Google is the best) will create such an overwhelming presence in your field that people who take a deeper look into your service (70% will BTW) will find nothing but TRUST AND CREDIBILITY.

Having more reviews makes enrolling patients easier… protects your reputation from the crazy people… and make you look like a rock star!

Here’s what to shoot for:

  • 20 Reviews is so-so
  • 40 Reviews is good.
  • 60 Reviews is awesome.
  • 80 Reviews is Legit!
  • 100 Reviews… Undeniable.

And finally, it’s time to…


So, if you have fertile soil, pretty much anything will grow… But i would advise you to plant your field with the “Variety Strategy” and NOT the “Mono-crop Strategy”.

(BTW, The planting phase is services you offer, and marketing that promotes those services)

Or in other words…

It’s a good idea to have a variety of services you can offer because it will help to increase revenue opportunity, and makes promotion a lot easier.

Now the actually Marketing is relatively simple because there’s only two kinds:

Consideration – CONSIDERATION MARKETING is any type of marketing that is designed to educate prospects.

Here’s a few examples:

Video: If you decide to educate people with video it should ALWAYS demonstrate something… It should NEVER tell something.

Blogging: If you write, write in such as way that focuses in on a SINGLE QUESTION… and then give the answer. Include a video to add more fuel.

Podcast: If you had your own podcast… You’d be an expert by default. Just sayin.

Direct Response- DIRECT RESPONSE MARKETING is any type of Ad campaign that can bring in a high influx of new patient leads. And here’s what’s great about this type of “Seed”…

If it’s created in such a way that captures the attention of a niche group of patients… It can bring in high volumes of QUALIFIED PATIENTS fast.

And when you have proven Ad campaign that can turn the spigot on when you need more Patients… there’s no better way to control your practices production (AKA REVENUE).

And here’s the truth…


But each requires a plan.

So here’s the deal…

If you want to know the best way to implement a Consideration Strategy, I created a video that shows you how to streamline the process of making videos people will actually watch (Link below, but read on…)

Once you implement that, It’s rinse… wash… repeat.

Now, if you needs QUALIFIED LEADS FAST

I’ve got a Library full of “Click Campaigns”, proven to bring in a flood of leads in the niches you’re promoting, AND WHAT’S EVEN BETTER…

  • >>> You don’t need an Agency…
  • >>> You don’t have to be “techy” to use them…
  • >>> And you can tap into what others Patient Streamers are doing to explode in 2021.

It’s a game changer for sure.

If you want to see how it works…


See you on the next email.

Sam Carlson
& The Patient Stream Team

P.S. If you have a marketing, or niche condition you want to explode… Send me an email with your question!