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“The Riches Are In The Niches”

If you want to have a Practice that produces high-ticket Knee cases on a weekly basis…

I’m about to give you the exact process, and Ad angles I’ve proven to work for the past 2 years to bring in a steady flow of new business like-clockwork.



But here’s my disclosure before we start:

I’m going to give you the exact steps you’ll need to do what I’m promising. My hidden motive is that I have a low-cost software that will do it for you if you choose to do so. That said, this information is given freely for you to use.

Let’s get on with it.

Step 1: Getting Attention of a Qualified Market

Before you get a single person to come in the door, you need their attention first. And when it comes to attention, you want to look for one thing…


Qualified attention is the type that gets only your target market to raise their hands. This implies that your Advertising is written in such a way that only people who suffer from Knee pain will be responding to your ads.

It’s simple enough, but people make the mistake of forcing their marketing dollars to reach too many people.

Bad move. Stay niched.


Step 2: Education via Demonstration


We’ve established that we are going to focus on a niche approach… But how do we deliver a message that grabs their attention, delivers information, and makes them curious???


New Technology is soooo amazing, and for a bunch of reasons:

  1. Delivers results faster.
  2. Provides way better outcomes.
  3. Give your business options, and patients new solutions.
  4. Give you a Gimmick!

…Wait a second… Did he say “Gimmick”?

Yes, but let’s reserve judgment for just a minute.

Do you know what the root of the word “Gimmick” is?


But unlike Gimmick, Magic carries a whole new meaning.

I mean C’mon…

Who walks past a Street Magician and doesn’t stop to see what’s going on.

Here’s my point:


New Technology can provide massive benefit to treatment options as well as give you a new way to DEMONSTRATE your offer.


Step 3: The Perfect Offer

Unless you’re a local Celebrity, you need something that make people take action. You need a reason why people should eagerly give you their information.

You don’t want EVERYONE to want it…

But you do want people who have Knee pain want it.

I like “Test-Drive” offers.

Basically, your Ad showed them something that got their interest… They are now curious… Now, let them try it out!

Again, simple but effective.

The Best Knee Offers:

#1 Knee-On-Trac: I love this device! I love the device because it’s not hard for people to see WHAT it is doing.

They get it, and they want it!

So, offer them 2 Sessions, and you’re off to the races. (Why 2 cases? It’s a long story, but you can learn more here if you like.)

#2 Shockwave: You have to be clever with this one. You images should demonstrate what a sound wave can do to damaged tissue.

But when done right…


Offer 2 Sessions of Shockwave Therapy, and you’re good.

#3 Class IV: Same thing as Shockwave… Educate with the right images and people want to try this bad boy out.

It’s also great that pain relief is delivered so quickly with a laser… Use that to your advantage.

Offer 2 sessions… they’ll come.

It’s 2021 Folks!

This should be the year you unlock the growth of your practice.

And as I said before…

If you want to implement offers like these, join Patient Stream! (That’s the Software I was telling you about)

I have a library full of these types of offers, proven to work in the niches you’re promoting.

  • >>> You don’t need an Agency…
  • >>> You don’t have to be “techy”…
  • >>> And you can tap into what others are doing to explode in 2021.

We’d love to have ya!

Here’s to a great 2021.

Sam Carlson
& The Patient Stream Team