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Hey Cody,

I wanted to answer your question you sent to me yesterday, and I’m writing your response in a way I hop will help you, as well as any other “Cody’s” who may be searching for answers.

Here’s the email:

“I built my practice in Michigan doing lunch n learns.  Thanks to covid, we are finding that to be a bit tougher.  I am an independent contractor in an office.  First office I’ve been in that doesn’t utilize x-ray so I’ve been really digging into posture correction.

Enough backstory, here is my question.  If you had to (or were recommending how to) start a practice from scratch during these weird times on a tight budget, how would you do it?”

First and foremost, I’m sorry about the situation you’ve been thrust into, I know a lot of clinics who’ve had a difficult time over the last 12mo.

That said, Let me see what I can do to help..

BTW Docs, If you have ideas you can share, please respond to me and I’ll share them with Cody directly.

Ok, let’s get started!


The #1 mistake Docs make  when running a practice is not thinking of past patients and leads as viable options to market to (including the Docs your working next to).


With a list you can create offers that will bring people back to your practice quickly.

For example…

Text campaign: Hey (name) are you interested in what out patients are doing to stay protected from Viruses this winter?

In fact, the best re-activation email ever goes like this…

Hey (name) are you still interested in (Whatever they came in for)?

And that’s the entire email!

You want to keep your text/email short... you want it to illicit a Yes or No response... You want it to be relevant.

Brainstorm assets you have, or even ask the other Docs in your clinic if they would be interested in joining forces for something like that. (Just an idea) 


When I was 25 I started originating mortgages.

I was young, so finding real estate agents to send new business my way was hard… so I had to get creative.

Plus, I had no money to buy lunches or anything like that.

So I would sit down, flip open “Homes and Land” magazine and scout agents who met a certain profile.

A profile that was very niche and somewhere I could shine.

Here’s was the profile…

  • Spanish speaking (I’m fluent in Spanish, so that’s a cool niche)
  • First-time homebuyers who needed IHFA grants
    (those were complicated and established folks didn’t want to deal with them)
  • And younger
    (because I was young)

It wasn’t long before I had found 3-4 agents that were sending me a deal or two every month.

So, who can you help… and where’s your niche?

Can you be helpful at any Gym’s who are struggling right now?
What about mental health professionals?
How about HR managers?


I think the easiest way to peak the attention of prospective patients is by specializing in your clinic. Specialist always make more money because they solve bigger problems.

So do you have a speciality?

  • I’m not talking back pain.
  • I’m not talking neck pain.
  • I’m not talking headaches.

These are problems a lot of people solve.

You need something that speaks to a problem which someone thinks the solution is “just live with it”.

Now, if you don’t have a niche right now, I do have some good friends who’ve put together an amazing program.

They have a new training going on soon that shows Docs like you how to Ad a new style of Functional Medicine into your practice.

Here’s the link for their training.

I love what they have done, and getting started is fast and affordable.


With the right plan, running Facebook Ads can be amazing! I mean how else are you able to get in front of a thousand people a day???

The problems with Facebook ads roll in when:

  • You treat leads like they should be ready to give you their money right away.
  • You have no script when you follow up (use this one)
  • If you don’t make prospecting a daily activity.
    get started.

So, if you have the means to spend about 1k a month on ads, combined with all your other efforts, I think you can get some things moving in the right direction.

In fact, if you want to, I’d even work out something to help you get going.

Let me know.

Anyway, I hope this is the start of a plan that can get things moving for you. And if any of you other Docs have some ideas for me to pass along… Email me back with subject line “Let’s help Cody!”

Best of luck to you Cody, and thanks for the email.


P.S. If you have a marketing, or niche condition you want to explode… Send me an email with your question!