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Cash & Insurance Specialized Services Report For 2023

This report is designed to help Clinics offering the outline services identify targets and growth potential in this changing market. Should you have any questions or a need to inquire further, those details will be towards the bottom of this report.

#3 Neuropathy Services

  • The avg. cost per lead was: $27.95 (I’ll explain why it was higher in a min)
  • The avg. show rate above 50%.*
  • Avg. Cost to get patient: $139.75*
  • Top performing ad creatives were anatomical images of feet, and Thermographic images.

In terms of Case Values. There seems to be a bit of a spectrum on this one, but the reports range from $3500 – $6000. This is the widest based on the services we cover here, but likely because of the array of approaches folks use to provide care.

When it comes to lead cost, the best explanation for a higher cost here comes down to competition.

An increasing number of programs offer ways to break into this niche in a relatively quick fashion. In some locations this can result in higher costs of doing business, and require additional branding and trust style marketing.

Some notes on Neuropathy:

The best promotion include:

Thermography Camera– If you can invest a few hundred dollars, I guarantee you have more new patients convert into care like never before.

Initial Treatment Offer – Whether you use Laser, Hako, or Shockwave, these are great ways to attract qualified prospects for these services.

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#2 Spinal Decompression Services

Spinal decompression has been around for decades now, but even so continues to be a consistent producing niche for our clients.

Here’s some insightful data:

  • The avg. cost per lead over past year was: $18.17
  • The avg. show rate above 50%.
  • Avg. Cost to get patient: $90.85*
  • Top performing ads depicted images and text directed to Sciatica as the key complaint.

As far as case value, we consistently hear case values in the range of about $3,000 – $4,500.

I think the cat is out of the bag with decompression when it comes to how care-plans are being implemented.

However, a few notes are worth mentioning. When it comes to adding onto either the promotion or even overall care, we are seeing many who are including additional modalities.

Shockwave Therapy is a no-brain add-on. Outside of its benefits as a therapy, Both the draw and the patient’s subjective experience leads to a much higher rate of conversion…

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#1 Non-Surgical Knee Pain

The BIGGEST winner over the past 12 months has been our suite of Ads dedicated to getting more non-surgical knee cases. Our clinics offer a variety of services when dealing with care, but here are the most effective when it comes to attracting the most qualified prospects online.

Knee Decompression! (ErgoFlex Knee-on-Trak)

  • The avg. cost per lead over the past year was: $16.05
  • * *The avg. show rate above 50%.*
  • Avg. Cost to get patient: $80.25*
  • Top performing ad angles were anatomical knee images AND knee decompression images.

Case value on these was a bit tricky because the fulfillment of services was so broad.

We heard feedback that docs were in the $3000 – $4000 range offering Decompression, Rehab, and Therapies.

We had clinics upselling to include Regen or other injections with case values $4500 – $8000.

Bottom line with this one is that folks are desperate for these non-surgical solutions and are becoming increasingly more educated about their options.

BTW, If you’re in the knee pain business and don’t offer Knee Decompression…

You should strongly consider buying one from these guys ( .

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The Game Always Changes...

If you’ve read this far, you most likely know that what was working last year may not be working today.

Here at Patient Stream we have access to hundreds of ad accounts and get to see what is working around the country when it comes to how the business is evolving. We’re happy to share it all with you.

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