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We doubled our practice in 2.5 months adding an additional $50,000/mo in cash Neuropathy Services. It saved my practice.

Dr. Ray PeveyArcadia Family Wellness

We started running our ads in December…We are currently running ads for 2 niches - neuropathy and decompression... January became a record month for NPI and also for collections, and not only is that awesome... But our February collections just beat January!

Dr. Don WalshNew Smyrna Spine and Injury

It’s funny…I don’t know how this thing works… but it somehow knows how to find the people in pain, get their attention, and bring them in… it’s amazing!

Dr. Suhill SamjiPhysiomed Vancouver

I've tried other companies and either gotten too few leads, bad quality, or a bunch of no-shows. With Patient Stream we get consistent leads, they show up, and many start care. It's working great, and at a very affordable price.

Dr. Elan SchrierSchrier Chiro & Regen

The absolute best company I’ve ever used, produced the most new patients of any company I’ve worked with in 30 years in practice.

Dr. Jeff FrostAZ Regenerative Medicine

We Automatically Find Prequalified Chiropractic Patients In Just Three Clicks

Chiropractic marketing is essential to growing your patient base, but it can be time-consuming and expensive. Patient Stream offers a solution that is simple and effective. You choose the sort of condition you want to market for, select the promotion that works best for your clinic, and our system takes care of the rest. We create, manage and optimize your marketing campaign automatically, so you can focus on treating patients. With Patient Stream, you don’t have to be a marketing expert or dump endless dollars into agencies. Our software is affordable and easy to use, so you can get the patients you need without breaking the bank.

Nurture Your Leads On Autopilot

Chiropractic marketing has never been easier with Patient Stream. Multi-channel follow up campaigns allow you to automate engaging follow ups and capture engaged responses from your leads. And with our full featured mobile app, you can communicate with your leads on all devices. Plus, our Chiropractic CRM integrations make it easy to keep track of your patients and their progress. With Patient Stream, you can focus on what you do best – delivering quality care to your patients!

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With the rise of the internet, prospective leads expect to be able to find information about your Chiropractic practice instantly and contact you with the click of a button. If you’re not available to talk to them immediately, there’s a good chance they’ll move on to the next listings and you’ll miss out on a valuable opportunity. Studies have shown that clinics who respond to leads in five minutes or less are 100x more likely to connect and convert opportunities into appointments. Our team of US Based agents are trained to handle Chiropractic leads and convert them into scheduled patients without your office ever lifting a finger. You’ll get a stead stream of appointments right on your calendar, freeing up your time to focus on delivering quality care.

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