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As a chiropractor, you understand the importance of helping your patients improve their health and wellness. But have you ever struggled with the business side of running your practice? Our free training series is here to help. Learn the insider tips and strategies that successful chiropractors use to increase revenue, improve office operations, and turn their clinics into 7-figure practices. Join our series today and take the first step towards building the practice of your dreams.

Get the Most Out of Patient Stream

Our Comprehensive Onboarding Class

Are you new to Patient Stream and looking to make the most of its powerful features? Join our onboarding class and learn how to use the software efficiently and effectively. We’ll cover everything you need to know to streamline your practice and take your patient care to the next level.

Presented By The Troy Method

Maximizing Front Desk Efficiency

Want to improve your front desk operations and maximize your results? Join our class taught by a former 7-figure clinic office manager who now leads Patient Stream’s lead follow-up team. Learn how to optimize your front desk staff and work your leads to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability. Clinic owners and office managers are encouraged to attend and ask Jenn any questions they have.

Presented By Dr. Sunny Gill

Unlock Your Clinic’s Hidden Potential

Are you ready to take your clinic to the next level? Join Dr. Sunny Gill as he shares his proven strategies for extracting the hidden potential within your practice. Unlike other practice management groups that push for adding new elements to achieve success, Dr. Gill’s approach focuses on identifying inefficiencies within your clinic and implementing effective strategies to increase revenue. Clinic owners are encouraged to attend and ask Dr. Gill any questions they have about taking their clinic to the next level.

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