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Hey, docs, Sam Carlson here with 25thWest. Welcome to my home studio. This is the lab. This is where a lot of these new patient offers and things like this start.

In this short video, I want to show you two things. One, I want to show you why your new patient marketing when it comes to online efforts really were probably destined to fail before they even started. And two, how we, not to sound too cliche, have cracked the code to new patient marketing. So I’m happy to show this, and I’m happy to share this because I know how our program can help you. So I’ve created a short video. In this video, we’re going to explain how this all works, the two barriers, why it doesn’t work, and how to make it work for you. So I’ve created this video. We’re going to jump right into that now. So let’s get started.

Big obstacle number one: At our core, every person, at least at a psychological level, is the same. We all make decisions on two levels. Number one: the emotional level. Number two: the logical level.

Let me explain. If we’re honest, does buying a Rolex ever really makes sense? Absolutely not. A watch’s job is to tell time, and with an average price tag at right around $8,000, a Rolex is overkill times 100. However, people buy them all the time, and when they do, they always cite features and functions of the watch, like how it’s waterproof at 100 meters or astronomically correct at telling time for 122 years before it ever requires an adjustment. Does anyone care? No, but what we do care about is being able to justify outlandish and impractical purchases.

Here’s the punchline. People buy based on emotion first and justify their decision with logic second. That’s it. So, sure, we may not be selling luxury accessories, but when considering how to best solve a problem, even a health problem, we always start out with the same driver. Is it something they want?

Which brings us to obstacle number one: Your offer stinks. Back around 2016, every chiropractor around started running an ad campaign offering a $21 voucher for an adjustment exam and report of findings. At the time, no one had really made any sort of offer to the public using Facebook, so that campaign worked. In fact, we even ran this offer with decent success. But like most good things, they come to an end. The reality is that, if you want to keep up with what people really want, you have to spend a considerable amount of time and effort creating and testing new offers. Not only that, when it comes to selling niche services, coming up with an offer that works is not easy, which is why we created Click Campaigns.

Click Campaigns are market-proven, plug-and-play new patient offers that can be launched in just three clicks. We spent considerable time creating offers and perfecting video sales pitches so you don’t have to, which means less time guessing and more time treating patients, and once again with just three clicks.

Okay, now on to obstacle number two. For just a moment, I’d like to make a broad yet true statement. When it comes to your front desk or whatever team member you’ve tasked with new patient prospecting, the inconvenient truth is you expect entirely too much. These folks have a lot going on in their day. They’re greeting patients and processing paperwork. They’re getting patient files ready, rescheduling missed appointments, and the list goes on. Real prospecting requires a high level of focus and energy to do it right. You really can’t have the responsibilities of all the other admin functions most are tasked with on a daily basis.

Yet doctors do this all the time, and I get it. Not every practice can afford a full-time marketing person whose sole focus is to follow up with leads all day, every day. But this is where most growth opportunity is lost: the followup. And it’s a big problem.

But not anymore. Introducing Patient Capture. Patient Capture is our all-in-one new patient marketing platform. It has amazing features and tools, which are all designed to support your marketing goals and dramatically cut the rigor of your staff’s daily followup efforts. Patient Capture automates email, text messaging, voicemail, and even phone calls. It uses our proprietary chat automation to engage interested prospects and passes the baton when folks are ready to talk to you, which means less leads slipping through the cracks and more time spent talking with interested and motivated patients.

And the best part, once you gain access to Patient Capture, our Click Campaigns and all of these followup features will be yours instantly.

Okay, so hopefully this video has been helpful. My guess is that now you have a better understanding of why past offers and marketing campaigns did not work. Plus, I’m guessing you have a pretty good idea how our program works. So we’re really excited to talk to you, and our goal, once again, is to help you get new patients and finally take control of your marketing. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you real soon.

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