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Request A Custom Campaign For Your Clinic

To make sure your ad is as successful as possible, take the time to narrow it down. Choose one item that meets a particular need and focus on creating an advertisement around just this product or service - rather than throwing multiple "similar" items into the mix. This can help you maximize performance!
You can also put your landing page you wish leads to visit here

What Is Your Offer

Crafting an enticing offer is key to increasing your sales. Patients will be eager to take advantage of your special offers as long as they know every detail and benefit involved. It is best if you list out all the small details, creating a comprehensive 'offer stack'. If different offers are available for one product, simply submit separate requests.
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When creating advertisements on Facebook, carefully consider the cost - offers of more than $60 USD are unlikely to be successful and are not allowed. To maximize your chances for success, select items that you can promote within this budget range. If your price range is higher please offer a demo, consultation or quote instead. This will ensure your campaign actually attracts leads.
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