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Boost Decompression Patients

Join forces with Patient Stream and Ergo Flex to maximize your patient acquisition. Harness the power of AI and proven marketing strategies tailored specifically for decompression clinics.

Join the ranks of over 500 successful clinics using Patient Stream.

Maximized Reach

Reach out to potential patients with our proven Facebook campaigns. Specifically designed to attract and convert leads into decompression patients with just a few clicks.

Quality Leads

Through intelligent lead targeting, we ensure your clinic connects with only top-tier prospects, increasing the likelihood of successful conversions.

Effortless Conversion

From nurturing leads to booking appointments, our AI does it all. Witness the seamless transition of leads into booked decompression patients.

Exclusive Deal: 3 Months for $997

$997/ quarter
  • Save 15%
  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • Hundreds Of Proven Campaigns That Drive New Patients To Your Clinic
  • AI Powered Follow Up
  • Automated Appointment Booking
  • Chat and Phone Support
  • Quarter to Quarter
Dr. Elan SchrierSchrier Chiro & Regen

I've tried other companies and either gotten too few leads, bad quality, or a bunch of no-shows. With Patient Stream we get consistent leads, they show up, and many start care. It's working great, and at a very affordable price.

Dr. Ray PeveyArcadia Family Wellness

We doubled our practice in 2.5 months adding an additional $50,000/mo in cash Neuropathy Services. It saved my practice.

Dr. Don WalshNew Smyrna Spine and Injury

We started running our ads in December…We are currently running ads for 2 niches - neuropathy and decompression... January became a record month for NPI and also for collections, and not only is that awesome... But our February collections just beat January!

Dr. Suhill SamjiPhysiomed Vancouver

It’s funny…I don’t know how this thing works… but it somehow knows how to find the people in pain, get their attention, and bring them in… it’s amazing!

Dr. Jeff FrostAZ Regenerative Medicine

The absolute best company I’ve ever used, produced the most new patients of any company I’ve worked with in 30 years in practice.