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The easiest way to fill your events

You provide the location of your event and we will provide all attendees, guaranteed. You can focus on what really matters: giving a great presentation!

Launch Your Event For $997

How Our Event Marketing Works


Select A Topic / Treatment

Events are a perfect way to educate patients on new services, expensive procedures and treatments that can't be explained in a 30 second Facebook ads.

Pick A Restaurant

The secret to a successful event? Food. Even more so, food from a well known and popular restaurant in your area. Avoid restaurants that require you to prepay for food.

Make Sure It Can Hold 30 People

Make sure that the venue you select can hold between 15-30 people. Any more and you will see close rates fall, any less and it will feel like the room is empty.

Submit Your Event

Once you have your venue booked, fill out the form below to let us know the details of your event. We need at least 21 days notice.

We Book Up Your Event

Our team will do everything needed to fill up your event, from marketing to confirmation calls. We guarantee 15 people will be in attendance or get $50 for every person who doesn't show.

After Event Follow Up

Our team will follow up with those who attended your event and those who didn't for 48 hours after the event to maximize your opportunities.

Our Butts In Seats Guarantee

We guarantee your event will be attended by at least 15 people. If your event misses the mark we will give you a $50 credit for every missed attendee. For example, if your event had only 10 people show, we would give you $250 in credit that can be used for your next event or towards your monthly subscription to Patient Stream.

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