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The Secret To Getting Pre-Qualified, Able-To-Pay Patients For Your Practice

Note: The avg clinic calling leads stays on the phone an avg. of 3.5 mins. Our avg. call time is just over 9 mins.

Here’s highlights from this call:

  • 00:18 Frame & Filter – Start the call with the proper tone and qualifying questions to weed out poor and unqualified prospects.
  • 2:02 Empathy & Trust – Natural empathy builds trust and changes the intent and outcome of calls.
  • 2:30 Deep-Dive – Staying on the surface of the problem does nothing to advance the motivation of your prospects. We did deeper to uncover patient motivation.
  • 3:08 Transition to Pitch –  Get clear on what’s included, and ensure the client is ready to take next steps.
  • 5:08 Taking Payment Over the Phone – Those who pay, pay attention. This is the best way to find able-to-pay-prospects, make them pay up front.
  • 6:00 Booking the Appointment – This client in particular made things more complicated than necessary by only allowing appointments on certain times during the week. For best results, give our team the ability to schedule appointments into your calendar directly.
  • 9:00 Set Expectations & Close – This prospect has been handled with care and with the process our entire team repeats over and over.

Fill Your Books – No Lifting Required

If you are struggling to get a hold of leads, or you feel like patients who make it into your clinic are not qualified, consider reaching out to us to take over this important patient getting task.

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