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No matter when you read this email…

There will always be the “Get Rich Quick” Crowd.

And I suppose it’s really not my place to play referee, but when it comes to Chiropractic marketing… I’ve never seen it this bad.

So if you’ve considered hiring an Agency…

Here’s a couple things to set the record straight:

1) No Agency has a unique “Targeting” method. 

I talk to Docs every single week who have somehow developed this idea that Agencies are doing something magical to target the “perfect” prospect ready to buy.

“High Quality Leads”… They say.

No… They target your local audience the same way marketers have done it for decades…


And quite frankly, so what? It works!

I mean it works with News Paper… It works with Radio… So what’s the problem?

Well, if someone is hyping themselves as some type fo Wizard…

Now you know better.

2) Ai/Automation is a Tool, NOT a Solution.

First off, I have nothing against using automation to help follow up with leads… It’s a cool tool for sure, but…

Much like the “targeting” sales pitch, these Agencies over-sell what really amounts to:

  • Auto-responders…
  • Scheduled texts and emails…
  • And reminder sequences…

Again, all good.


Real results ONLY come when YOU use these automations as tools, and every good tool must have a competent and trained person in control.

So, I know we all want to get rich quick… but the reality is we only get rich with consistency and a little bit of time.

3) Only Pay When People Show.

The worst of them all.

The wolf in sheep’s cloth.

It sounds really good at first, but here’s what they don’t tell you:

….You pay BIG “setup” fees. I mean it’s only fair right… They have to set stuff up, and then there’s other expenses of course.

Nope, they just need to make some money before they start.

…You still pay Ad spend. Which is only fair, but… What incentive is there for them to spend you ad dollars wisely?None!

So you end up with expensive leads, and an invoice for a bunch of money at the end of the month.

let’s just leave it at this, when it comes to “pay-per-show”… It’s a definite no-go!

Listen Doc,

Not all marketers are bad.

I’ve been in this space for years and there’s some who are great people, hard workers, and ethical in their business practices.

And guess what…


Anyway Doc, I hope this helps.

And BTW, if you decide you need real help please let me know.

Patient Stream is a proprietary Software that solves ALL these problems.

It allows you to run any new patient marketing campaigns yourself (not technical ability)
It produces better than any Agency. (Software doesn’t sleep)
And it only costs $397/mo. (Not thousands)

Feel free to click the button below and see how we can help you.

And while you at it, feel free to setup a Demo with me.

Talk soon.

Sam Carlson