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Get High Value and Qualified Patients On Autopilot

Patient Stream prides itself on delivering only qualified high value patients- without an agency. Our system is unrivaled in the industry and has produced remarkable results time and again. And what's more, we have a team of experts who are passionate about helping you grow your clinic!

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Over 400 Clinics & Counting

Patient Stream

Practice Accelerator

Simple. Easy. Done for you.

Here’s how it works…

Find and treat more qualified patients today

First, we use a variety of tools and marketing channels to find potential patients. These patients all fit a specific condition that your office is uniquely adept at solving, maximizing your office’s ability to close a care plan.

No more missed opportunities. Ever.

From there we vet and schedule patients on your calendar. Our team keeps a steady stream of appointments rolling to the clinic, even if marketing is turned off.

Get your practice to the next level

Our team reviews and maximizes your in office procedures to maximize closing percentages. If needed we will send one of our consulting physicians to your office to help train staff on in office procedures.

Get every penny your clinic deserves

Then our team of insurance billing experts maximize collections allowing you to get every penny your clinic deserves. Many clinics see a 30% increase in insurance collections when they use Patient Stream.

The result is a steady stream of appointments, increased profitability for your clinic and decreased workload on your office staff and yourself.

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The Blueprint to a Successful Chiropractic Clinic

There’s an answer as to why some clinics are perpetually booked while others aren’t seeing much success – they’ve got experts behind them making sure their business is growing consistently! Reap the benefits of having these smart strategists focus on acquiring more patients for your clinic by scheduling a Clinic Blueprints today. Don’t miss out – invest now in what will become tomorrow’s invaluable asset: loyal new customers who believe in your mission!

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The Ultimate Solution For Chiropractors

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We doubled our practice in 2.5 months adding an additional $50,000/mo in cash Neuropathy Services. It saved my practice.

Dr. Ray PeveyArcadia Family Wellness

We started running our ads in December…We are currently running ads for 2 niches - neuropathy and decompression... January became a record month for NPI and also for collections, and not only is that awesome... But our February collections just beat January!

Dr. Don WalshNew Smyrna Spine and Injury

It’s funny…I don’t know how this thing works… but it somehow knows how to find the people in pain, get their attention, and bring them in… it’s amazing!

Dr. Suhill SamjiPhysiomed Vancouver

I've tried other companies and either gotten too few leads, bad quality, or a bunch of no-shows. With Patient Stream we get consistent leads, they show up, and many start care. It's working great, and at a very affordable price.

Dr. Elan SchrierSchrier Chiro & Regen

The absolute best company I’ve ever used, produced the most new patients of any company I’ve worked with in 30 years in practice.

Dr. Jeff FrostAZ Regenerative Medicine

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Utilize our team of experts to help your clinic grow, for only a fraction of the cost it would take to hire someone in-house or an unreliable agency. Let us help you unlock your potential today! Book Your Clinic Blueprint Now!


We'll help you find more patients that are a perfect fit for your office.

You'll never have to worry about scheduling appointments again.

You'll close more care plans.

Your staff will be better trained.

Your business will grow faster than ever before.

Feel proud of the work you do - increase your clinic's revenue and help more people than ever before.