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Most people fail with Facebook Leads for one reason…

They don’t know the rules! (You probably had no idea)

And what’s worse…

The people who do know the rules will NEVER tell you!

With one exception… ME! (I’ll tell you why in a min)

So, before I share the rules, there’s one idea you need to hold in your head:


Which is why knowing the rules makes all the difference!

With that, let’s get started.

Rule #1: You MUST target “Qualified” people only.

A Qualified person is one who can only raise their hand when asked a specific (not general) question.

For example: Do you have knee pain? Y/N


Do you have pain?

So, as long as you’re starting your campaigns with this as your strategy, you’re good to go.

If you’re not… STOP.

Rule #2: You MUST know WHAT numbers to hit, and what to do if you miss.

So here’s the numbers know one will tell you:

  • 60% of your leads should set an appt.
  • 70% should show up.
  • 80% should advance from Day 1 to Day 2.
  • 80% should enroll.

These numbers are the key to unlocking predictable growth in your practice. If you know what to aim for and how to control these outcomes…

You can growth your practice to whatever level you want. PERIOD!

Rule #3: You MUST forget all Online Marketing non-sense.

The truth is every Agency out there is selling the EXACT SAME THING, so they’ve all learned the same trick…

How To Sell The “Sizzle” and Not The Steak.

  • So whether they offer worthless “Guarantees”…
  • Claim their Ai will rid you of follow-up efforts forever…
  • Or say it’s FREE (Trust me, it’s not)

The key is YOU need to have control, and NEVER give it to these jokers.

And here’s how I can help you do that.

  1. I have a software that allows you to replace what an agency does, and put total control in your hands.
  2. I have a short book that has the written protocols, scripts, and systems so you can hit the number mentioned above.
  3. And I have hundreds of Docs just like you who’ve proven it works so you can finally stop jumping from one joker to the next.

So, if you’re ready to start winning at the New Patient Game…

Setup a Demo to see how Patient Stream can do this for you.

Sam Carlson

Here’s a few practices who’ve been cool enough to share how they use Patient Stream to get patients.