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If you’re a Clinic looking to grow your influence and patient base in the Neuropathy Niche, this deep-dive interview will give you a clear picture at how our users are doing so with great success.

In this video I’m joined my Dr. Luis Del Rio, owner of Peak Health with several locations thorough Florida. Dr. Del Rio is gracious enough to share his enrollment process and how he uses our Thermography Offer to get more Neuropathy patients for his practice.

Items used and discussed in this video:

1) Patient Stream Facebook Lead Automation:


Patient Stream is a Do-It-Yourself software that allows users to run pre-built Facebook campaigns and marketing funnels with the end goal of getting new patient leads. Because the software allows you to run these campaigns without requiring any marketing experience, users are able to save thousand of dollars by not hiring Digital Marketing Agencies.

2) Seek Thermal CompactXR – Outdoor Thermal Imaging Camera:

This camera allows you to take thermal images of the extremities for diagnostic purposes. Prospects with these symptoms are shown a digital image providing objective proof of their nerve function.

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