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Imagine sending a single email and seeing your Clinic become flooded with new patients…

This sounds like a BOLD FACED LIE, BUT…

It’s True!

In fact, I’ve had people make 25K with this exact email!!!

And since it the season of giving…

This is my gift to you.


You’re getting off pretty easy.

Because being able to write words that MAKE people take action…

…TARGET the attention of the QUALIFIED ONLY…

…And, make you more money per/hr than any other task…

Is something that has taken me years to do.

In fact, I found this little nugget at the end of a 3 week content binge where I was consumed with a single marketing principle called Education Based Marketing.

…A nugget I never would have found had I not been devoting myself to the art of something called COPY WRITING. (No, not copyrighting)

And It was 9… Short… Words.

Yes, 9 words that can:

  • Reactivate past patients with ease.
  • Turn old leads into new patients.
  • Provide routine injections of patients when you need them.
  • Help you deposit neglected money.

AND… Make you sound like a Marketing Genius to your friends.


I want you to have this email template so you can try it out and watch the Patient come in your door in January (That’s when I’d encourage you to test it)

And I’m offering this, as well as other amazing content this week for FREE.

But I would ask this…

Please share it.

Click the forward button and send it to a friend.

There’s people out there selling HUGE PILES OF CRAP right now ( “I guarantee you this… Or you don’t pay until that…” )

Which means it’s louder than ever.

But you can help.

And that’s all I ask return.

Anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow with another value-packed email.

Sam Carlson

& The Patient Stream Team

P.S. My company created a fully automated marketing software that can replace any agency you’re using (saving you $$$) If you want a Demo, go here:

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