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When it comes to getting new patients your luck can change with a single “tweak”…

…Or sometimes it’s a process.

And the truth is, it generally requires some work.

So, if you’re a person who is committed to “the process”, I’ve got a cool training for you this coming Thursday at 11:30CST.

My good friend Dr. Andrew Wells will be training on:

The Proven Processes To New Patients Every Single Month.

Here’s a basic outline:

…How to overhaul your prospect show rate- Yes I used the word “overhaul” because when you see Dr. Wells approach to getting more leads to show of their appointment, you’ll never do it the same.

…Make New Patient Conversions Way Easier- This one “tweak”, if made prior to the first appointment could double your numbers all alone.

…How To Make Facebook Leads Your Best Friend- Dr. Wells is going to share the exact tactics he uses so Facebook leads became a source of new patients every single month.

And even more little details which will help you figure out your own path to new patient success.

So, if you’d like to shorten the learning curve and feel like you’ve got new patients under your complete control…

Join Dr. Wells and I this coming Thursday.

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