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How to Use Video on Facebook and YouTube To Boost Your Orthodontics Practice

A pproximately 68% of adult Americans use Facebook. YouTube has 1.6 billion users each month. It’s highly likely that your target audience is using these platforms. Moreover, by 2021, video-related content is expected to account for 80% of all online traffic. Businesses that wish to continue growing need to invest in video advertising.


Best Practices for Video


You don’t need a high-budget production to get effective results with video. Here are seven best practices to follow to help you generate interest in your practice and get more consultations.


  • Keep it Short: Research suggests that viewership drops significantly after five to ten seconds. You can counter this by capturing your audience in the first few seconds. The most important and engaging information should go in the opening frames.
  • Make it Personal: You don’t need a detailed script, but you do need to make your video relevant for your audience. Some ideas for video include client testimonials, staff introductions or new product information.
  • Invest in Quality: Videos should look professional. With advances in technology you can get this with a smart phone and basic design and editing software.
  • Emphasize Visual Over Audio: 80% to 95% of users watch Facebook videos on mute. This means you should treat your video almost like a silent film and focus on delivering the message without sound.
  • Optimize for Different Viewing Scenarios: 50% of users watch YouTube videos on mobile. Make sure your videos play well on mobile as well as desktop.
  • Include a Call-to-action: The goal of video ads is conversions. Including a call-to-action can ensure viewers have the information they need to engage with your practice.
  • Remember to A/B Test: As with any marketing strategy, testing is key. It’s important to periodically evaluate video performance so you know your return on investment.

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