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If you’re a chiropractor, then you probably focus on your practice. You’re great at helping people with their backs, but marketing your services may be something you struggle with. You don’t need to be overwhelmed, however. By mimicking how top-sellers online use their product searches to reach their audience, you can emulate what they do and adapt it to your practice. Then you’ll enjoy more patients and income as a result.


Nike doesn’t just do sports, they do marketing better than almost any other company. And their product searches are top of the line. They use powerful, action based language. They include simple but compelling calls to action like “Shop Now” and “See Launch Details” that excite their visitors instead of just showing pictures of their product. As a side note, their images are immaculate. Ask yourself what parts of your building, staff, or services are visually appealing and hire a professional photographer to capture the magic and put it in your online advertising.


ADT is one of the biggest security companies in the country. As such, they need to constantly be marketing in order to sustain their size. However, they don’t really offer an experience to get people emotionally involved, so they leverage their product searches. For example, ADT attracts customers by focusing on the details of their systems — for example, long battery life is a feature of ADT’s smoke alarms. This distinguishes them from the competition. So if you have any unique equipment or services, ask yourself how you can mention them right off the bat to separate yourself from the competition.

Warby Parker

This sunglasses and bifocal company splashed onto the scene in recent years. Their glasses are stylish, but that isn’t the secret to their product searches and the way they engage their audiences. They take a humanitarian approach and feature it in all their marketing: when you buy a pair they give a pair to someone in need. If there are community causes that you give back to (or could start giving back to) mention this in your ads to engage people’s hearts and minds.


Granted, personal health services are not tangible products, so they can be a little trickier to market. But it’s not impossible. Highlight your experience, rave reviews from your patients, and the services that set you apart from your competition. With a good strategy and a creative approach, you can create the perfect marketing for your practice’s needs. Then you can grow your practice the way you’ve always wanted to instead of feeling held back.