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Manager Or Entrepreneur

A re you an entrepreneur or a manger for your clinic? Choose carefully – depending upon which category you fall under will greatly change the type of marketing that you’re going to want to do.

A manager is somebody who administers the clinic. They are going to be the ones that will take care of all the different business dealings, all the hiring and firing, the book keeping, the paperwork etc.

They aren’t as concerned about big growth of the business. They are worried about maintaining and increasing predictably. Many chiropractors that we talked to think that they’re entrepreneurs but, they are more of a manager. They prefer for their Clinic to stay within a certain set of patients. They prefer to stay within a certain set of care plans and services and they don’t want to branch out to far beyond that.

The Chiropractic Clinic owner who is an entrepreneur sees things completely different. An entrepreneur is willing to take a greater than normal financial risk to get the bigger reward. They feel like I’m going to take on this risk and it’s going to have the potential of doubling or tripling my business in the long run.

Many of the clinics that we get approached by want to grow and open up a second practice or introduce a new service center in their in their clinic, but they aren’t willing to put down any kind of risk to do it.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being the manager business owner. A manager business owner just has a different set of expectations and different set of desires.

The type of marketing that those type of clinic owners needs to go after is more awareness. They need to maintain current patient lists and get current patients to recommend. It’s the type of marketing that requires a heavy content side and calendared, predictable pushes.

The entrepreneur clinic owner has a completely different set of marketing standards that they’re looking to do. Often, they are looking to open a second practice, expand their current one, introduced a new service center etc. They have room to grow and they want to grow more.

This is a hot and heavy type of marketing because it is all about being the one to dominate the marketing and then maintain that dominance. Clinic owners that want to go after that need to be able to put down large sums of money to make it happen. They are going to be going after a Branding strategy that requires a lot from the owner. That means dinner talks, special offers, getting in front of cameras and showing people what they do.

Then to add even more workload the clinic needs to be able to do this for each service center and location individually.

It’s very risky for the business to do since nothing is a guarantee and it takes time to see results.

Understanding whether you are a manger type, or an entrepreneur type is critical when approaching a marketing agency because you need to set their expectations and you need to have a series of measurable KPI’s that you and that agency can go back and say that the marketing is working.

If you are a manager type, then the measurable results you may want to look at isn’t necessarily the number of leads or phone calls you got. Instead it might be how many new reviews did you get, how many new patient referrals came to your office, is the reach of your Facebook page growing month over month. Those are great metrics that will show your marketing is working since it is predictable and pays long term dividends.

If you are an entrepreneur type, the KPI’s you might want to know are lead count, the number of searches each month for your clinic name, total audience reached, engagement rates etc. These show the volume and the width of your marketing efforts which result in vertical financial gain.

So, it is time for you to decide – are you a manager or an entrepreneur.

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