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Countless New Patients.
Zero Heavy Lifting.

Discover how clinics are achieving 2X growth and beyond using Patient Stream, an all-in-one platform that handles every aspect of the patient acquisition process. From driving more appointments to attracting lifelong patients, Patient Stream keeps your schedule full for your revenue to grow.

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Let Patient Stream Grow Your Practice while You Focus on Patients

You have a clinic to run, patients to see, and follow-ups to provide. When you add marketing to the equation, there simply arent enough hours in the day.

Thats why Patient Stream handles the leg work on your behalf, completely replacing the need for an ad agency along the way. As a result, you can

  • Avoid wasted energy on unqualified prospects
  • Protect your budget from ad campaigns that dont convert
  • Put an end to local competitors cherry-picking your prospects
  • Save time that would have been spent hiring and firing lackluster agencies
  • And stop throwing haphazard marketing ideas at the wall to see what sticks

Patient Stream simplifies the entire process, optimizes every dollar spent on your ad budget, and sends the ideal patients walking through your door. The results speak for themselves, as shown by a chiropractic clinic that saw an over 50% increase in weekly patients for a total of 312 prospective appointments in just over 3 months.


Immediate Results

Start securing new appointments within your niche as early as the first week.

Relevant Prospects

Attract the exact patients that your procedures and treatments were meant for.

Zero Wasted Time

Create, launch, and optimize campaigns on Facebook and Instagram in three clicks.

Proven ROI

Use the same strategies we’ve seen generate an additional $50K+ in monthly revenue.

Reputable Content

Tap into ads with text and images that you’ll be proud to put your practice’s name on.

Expert Support

Get the most value out of your campaigns through Patient Stream’s expert team.

Appointment Generation for Every Niche

For chiropractic clinics, plastic surgery centers, and medical spas alike, general marketing campaigns simply dont work. Likewise, high-ticket priced services, especially for procedures not covered by medical insurance, require strategic messaging.

Between Patient Streams highly-targeted ads and holistic follow-up tools, you can transform patient interest into action, driving record-breaking patient acquisition numbers along the way. Start generating more appointments with built-in messaging, tracking, follow-ups, and more.

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Measurable Returns

Discover firsthand how Patient Stream pays for itself via measurable revenue data.

Centralized Access

Leverage our easy-to-navigate platform to garner more appointments, all in one place.

Time-Saving Automations

Send highly-engaging, automated follow-ups to maximize your conversion rate.

Transparent Tracking

Oversee exactly where patients are in their journey for a consistently full schedule.

Agile Integrations

Connect with leading EHR platforms like ChiroTouch® to ensure continuity with your workflow.

Frictionless Booking

Drive thousands of dollars in extra weekly revenue through streamlined appointment booking.

Connecting Your Prospects to Real People

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Listen To A Sample Call

Truth be told, your prospects want to talk to a person. At the same time, your receptionist doesnt have the bandwidth to double down as your sales representative. Thats why your Patient Stream subscription includes access to our expert appointment booking team. With years of customer support experience, our US-based team knows exactly how to get the right patients into your practice. By quickly reaching out to prospective patients generated from your campaigns, we secure a 100X higher conversion rate. All the while, we align appointments with your schedule.


Tailored Scheduling

Align appointments with your availabilities without personally handling any scheduling.

Domestic Agents

Preserve your practice’s reputation with highly-professional, US-based agents.

Flexible Support

Offload event registrations, CRM integrations, and order processing for appointment holds.

Meticulous Screenings

Receive pre-qualified prospects, ensuring that you and your patients are on the same page.

Seamless Call Transfers

Ensure continuity with your office through a call transfer process that appears as if it’s in-house.

In-Depth Sales Expertise

Put your sales efforts in hands you can trust for a perpetual flow of high-value patients.

Launch Campaigns that Resonate with Your Audience’s Pain Points

Here’s What Physicians Are Saying

We doubled our practice in 2.5 months adding an additional $50,000/mo in cash Neuropathy Services. It saved my practice.

Dr. Ray PeveyArcadia Family Wellness

We started running our ads in December…We are currently running ads for 2 niches - neuropathy and decompression... January became a record month for NPI and also for collections, and not only is that awesome... But our February collections just beat January!

Dr. Don WalshNew Smyrna Spine and Injury

It’s funny…I don’t know how this thing works… but it somehow knows how to find the people in pain, get their attention, and bring them in… it’s amazing!

Dr. Suhill SamjiPhysiomed Vancouver

I've tried other companies and either gotten too few leads, bad quality, or a bunch of no-shows. With Patient Stream we get consistent leads, they show up, and many start care. It's working great, and at a very affordable price.

Dr. Elan SchrierSchrier Chiro & Regen

The absolute best company I’ve ever used, produced the most new patients of any company I’ve worked with in 30 years in practice.

Dr. Jeff FrostAZ Regenerative Medicine

Supporting Niche Practices through Tailored Campaigns

When patients are seeking out medical spa services, chiropractic care, or plastic surgery, theres no substitute for authenticity. Thats why we took an individual look at your specific niche when developing Patient Stream, building conversion-oriented funnels that attract the right type of patient. All the while, Patient Stream supports practice-specific personalizations, meaning that every ad, message, and call has an in-house feel.

Whether youre seeking to market your practice as a whole or target a specific service you provide, the flexibility built into our platform is here to support your goals. Throughout the process, you can reclaim the time you would have spent chasing down unqualified prospects and experimenting with low-conversion marketing campaigns.

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360° Patient Marketing
with Proven Results

Youve seen our platforms capabilities, heard our appointment schedulers in action, and read firsthand accounts from our users. Now, its time to put the power of proven outreach and onboarding strategies to work for your practice.

Our users achieve more appointments and more revenue than they ever thought possible. Its all thanks to the years of R&D we poured into our software, funnel refinement, ad creatives, and more. As an added advantage, our users have unlimited access to our platform.

Heres what we mean:

  • Run as many ad campaigns as you need, offering scalable support to clinics large and small
  • Access the entirety of our new campaigns, added on a weekly basis
  • And take as much or as little control over your campaigns as you would like

Ultimately, your growth hinges on repeatable processes that keep you focused on what matters most: your patients.

Join the Countless Clinics Achieving up to 2X Growth

Discover the Patient Stream
Advantage with a 14-Day Free Trial

After considering the average value of a patient, our users quickly discover that Patient Stream pays for itself multiple times over. There’s a reason why leading local chiropractic clinics, plastic surgery centers, and medical spas trust our platform for consistent, appointment-generating campaigns.

Start securing quality appointments for your clinic using our proven campaigns.
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