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With the holiday season approaching and the new year speedily coming, business owners might be wondering when their deadlines are in order to have a success online.

The following are the dates and deadlines business owners need to be aware of if they have any kind of an online marketing plan.

If you are a CPA – or in the tax industry NOW is the time to start planning your online strategy.

If you haven’t started your online strategy yet, it is not too late. Schedule a free consultation here:

November – The Mobile Window Shopping Season

  • 11/1 – Your mobile site and offers need to be in place – plan with an online advertising professional. You plan needs to include different offers for each of the major dates listed below. DO NOT USE THE SAME OFFER!
  • 11/9 – Your mobile site redesign and online marketing plan are officially implemented.
  • 11/10 – Top 10 mobile search day
  • 11/11 – Veterans Day Sales
  • 11/12 – Top 10 mobile search day
  • 11/23 (11:59 PM) – Turn on Thanksgiving themes and offers now on your website. Make sure that the primary goal is to deliver coupons and discounts for website visitors. The majority of your users are browsing NOT buying today.
  • 11/24 – Thanksgiving Browsing
  • 11/24 (11:59 PM) Turn on Black Friday web elements. If you are retail location offer coupons that can be used in physical locations, if you are web based offer discounts on your web products available ONLY on this day.
  • 11/25 – Black Friday Frenzy
  • 11/25 (11:59 PM) – Switch your site to a more local feel. Your offers should be ONLY for people where your business is located. Do not do a nation campaign this day.
  • 11/26 Small Business Saturday
  • 11/26 (11:59 PM) – Turn on all online promotions and discounts now.
  • 11/28 Cyber Monday Shopping
  • 11/28 (11:59 PM) – Change your site to its Christmas theme and general Christmas offers. Try not to duplicate any offers that you used during earlier sales in November.

December – When Everyone Starts Clicking The Buy Button

  • 12/1 – Tax professionals need to reach out to their online agency and start planning their tax season advertisements.
  • 12/10 – Tax season advertisement plans need to be locked and loaded. Web developers should now be brought in to begin making website redesigns.
  • 12/11 (11:59 PM) Implement your Green Monday sales. This isn’t a heavy discount day, but is still a popular online buying day. Lots of last minute shoppers will choose this day to get deals. 
  • 12/12 – Green Monday Sales
  • 12/19 – Stop guaranteeing delivery before Christmas, your not Amazon so don’t get yourself into a PR nightmare with packages that miss Christmas day.
  • 12/23 (11:59 PM) Your website should be changed over to reflect customer purchasing from your online location or physical locations using gift cards. You should also have your return policy more prominent on your website. This will be a big gift card couple of days. Both customers purchasing them and customers using them. Make sure your hero images and banners all reflect the gift card as king right now.
  • 12/24 – Christmas Eve lat minute shopping
  • 12/25 – Christmas Day gift card redemption
  • 12/26 (11:59 PM) It’s time to move your holiday inventory. Get rid of it but still make a profit. Many customers buy seasonal items after the season closes. 
  • 12/27 – Post-holiday sales
  • 12/30 (11:59 PM) Convert your site back to its normal self with the exception of throwing on some hero images and banners celebrating the new year. Offer standard discounts on products (15% – 25% etc.) on your popular items.
  • 12/31 – New Years sales 

January – The Tax Season Begins!

  • 1/1 – Tax professionals should change their sites over to early bird tax filers. Offer discounts and easy appointment booking software online. Make sure you have an easy way to call your office as well as an easy way to book online implemented.
  • 1/2 – Turn on your online tax advertisements. The goal is to get bookings and phone calls. Make sure your advertising agency is using ad extensions effectively.