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Enhance your sales process, organize your leads

Focus on closing care plans with personalized outreach.

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Easily define your sales process

  • Easily define your sales process
  • Create pipelines with an unlimited number of stages to match your business
  • Map out each step of your sales process and track how close you are to closing a care plan
  • See at a glance the progress of all your leads and what’s needed to close them
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Add status updates to each stage

  • Keep your team updated on a leads progress through your sales funnel
  • Personalize each update for a more engaging experience
  • Sync your stages with campaigns to create extensive communication funnels
  • Easily attach updates to each stage of the pipeline
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Set it up once, use forever

  • Easily set up messaging associated with a milestone
  • Assign leads to staff members to keep them up to date with the lead’s pipeline progression
  • Link stage’s to a campaign to build advanced workflows
  • Overview all your deals from one, easy to organize view
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