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I remember a call from an emotional Doctor in late 2019…“Thank you… after 30 years in practice, I never expected to have my business do what we just did in November. I still can’t believe it! But I wanted to call and tell you that you… were… right.” … Right about what, you ask??? Right about how any Clinic can become a 7-figure clinic by following a proven plan. And this is what we are going to talk about today, so read on. I grew up in a great family… NOT rich by any stretch of the imagination. My Dad was (and is) a hard working and intelligent man who provided for all our needs. But, because of early setbacks in his career he learned the chasing your dreams can sometimes result in financial hardship. Many of you have been there, and to say it shapes your decision making process is an understatement. In fact, I was no different than my Dad. I too was a failing entrepreneur until I met one man who taught me what I’m hoping to teach you. My Mentor. Yes, before I met my Mentor I was the perpetual “almost did it” guy with the all-to-common income glass ceiling to match. … I worked hard, long hours. … I tried everything but got nowhere. … I was either feast, or famine. Those days sucked! …I don’t have to tell you. Anyway, my Mentor was (and still is) a guy name Sunny. Sunny taught me that if I wanted to start making a the kind of money every entrepreneur dreams of making, I had to stop working so hard and do things differently. He taught me what a system was… How to create one… and how to make it stick. He also taught me about “Laws”. Or in other words… How to stop doing one thing that doesn’t work, and the process on how to figure out what does work! It’s a little hard to explain… So to give you a more visual explanation, I shot a video to outline it for you. But here’s what you need to know before you watch. If you watch the video, and take account of where and WHO you are today… I think it can help anyone go from 6-figure earner, to 7-figure, no problem. Because it lays out the MOST important question that MUST be answered if you want that kind of change. What question??? WHO do you need to be to get what you want. Or… You could just keep doing what you’re doing;) Talk soon,

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