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M​y name is Jacob and I am one of the co-founders of Patient Stream.

I wanted to reach out to our users regarding an unfortunate trend we are seeing in Facebook. A number of Patient Stream users have had their business pages permanently banned from advertising and having their organic reach restricted due to posts on their pages about Covid-19.

While we know it may be tempting to post about Covid-19 I would like to encourage all our users to avoid it at all costs. Even posts that may seem harmless could have detrimental consequences to your Facebook account.

Pages that are flagged by Facebook for what Facebook determines to be “False” are permanently banned from advertising on Facebook. While we will always reach out to Facebook on behalf of our users on the off chance we can reverse the ban, we have been informed that since Facebook uses 3rd party fact checkers it is unlikely that a reversal will be granted by their compliance department.

We have seen pages that have years of reviews and content rendered virtually useless because of two posts about Covid-19.

If you must post please only post content that comes directly from the CDC or the WHO only. Do not make your own content or videos.

Posting on your page about any procedures your office is doing in response to Covid-19 is fine but make sure it is just your office policy only.

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