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All right. What’s up, everybody? Hey, thanks for tuning in for “Behind the Offer”. Today we are talking about Restore Balance Pro with my buddy, Drew Kidder. Drew, how you doing?

Good morning.

And Dr. Chad Woolner. I should say Dr. Drew Kidder. I left out your well-earned …

That’s okay.

Sorry about that.

He had a doc call him one time asking him about me and he says, “Is Dr. Woolner, our chiropractor?” And Sam goes, “Kind of” is what he said. I think you’re in that realm too. “Is Drew a chiropractor”, kind of.

We spend so much time talking about marketing and every now and again I’ll get, “Hey Chad, I need to get an adjustment. Can you?” And I’m like, Oh yeah, he is a doctor.

You don’t usually find people that are full stack. So okay, so today we’re talking about the thyroid offer. Okay. So this process, and maybe a little bit of context around, this is the first “Behind the Offer” video we’re doing. And a little bit of context here is a lot of these offers that we come up with, well, not a lot of them, all of them have a story. And they don’t just originate with me. I am around you a lot of hours during the week.


And when we’re coming up with niche specific offers, we’re always talking about, maybe Kidder, might have an idea about this. Right? So we’ve got..

Dr. Kidder that,

Sorry, Dr. Kidder. He’s so funny. He’s a kidder. Nailed it. Anyway, so today we’re going to talk about Restore Balance Pro. So before we get into this, and I want you, Dr. Kidder, to really, tell us about why doctors should want to have this in their practice.

Okay. Make sure, I mean, we’re not just selling nothing. We do a great job in our infomercial videos of really selling the sizzle behind this, but that’s not made up. It’s real. Okay. So I want to talk to you about that, but before we get into that, I want to talk about the story behind Restore Balance Pro.

So thyroid conditions. When we were, when you and I started talking about these thyroid niche offers, we were all over the place. You remember going through these offers?

Oh, totally. Yeah.

And what was, do you remember what the one problem was? We just kept hitting it over, and over, and over again.

Well, just the fact that thyroid problems are so multi-factoral that it’s like, how do we, how do we even begin to broach that area without providing them with some sort of a comprehensive supplement package, or program, or something like that. It’s, how do we tease out, one piece that could really be helpful and really do something meaningful for them, while at the same time not being overwhelming. You know in terms of cutting to the person, talking the person really in a very quick way without having to do some sort of an hour long seminar on why that thing is so important, and amazing, and everything like that.

Exactly, And then the other piece was, doctors all have their own way of dealing with these thyroid conditions. You know, and especially, you’re no stranger to thyroid conditions. This was a big part of your practice, right?

Yep, absolutely.

And so when we were going through this, I kept asking both of you, cause I’m not a doctor. I’m like, “Okay, so what if we did this?” And coming up with all these ideas, not really understanding that, look, at the end of the day, doctors are going to deal with thyroid conditions differently. Which means that the front end of the offer cannot be like, they’re not going to have the same tests they’re going to use. Remember what we were talking about testing for. [inaudible 00:03:44] So yeah,

We could use this test, but then again a doctor may not necessarily use that test in their protocol or that may somehow, some way, put the patient where they don’t want the patient in terms of the starting point or whatever that might be. And even if you use the same test, everyone’s approach with how they’re going to address the…

Interprete that totally different.

Yeah, right.

So, I should mention you are with Xymogen.


And so you’re, I mean they have a lot of products. I don’t know how many, a lot.

Over 400.

That’s a few. Yeah. And so, when you and I were talking about the testing, I mean even that was just not going to work. Do you remember talking about?

Oh yeah.

But just a quick plug for Xymogen. I’m going to say this because then it’s, and maybe I am biased, but I won’t be as biased as this guy. For doctors who aren’t familiar with Xymogen, you need to get familiar with Xymogen cause it’s a really phenomenal company. I would say truth be told, there’s maybe, from my experience, maybe three or four other companies that are at the same level and caliber in terms of staying on top of the research and really investing into the actual products that they produce.

Like really, really evidence-based, solid, functional medicine products. I would say Apex is another great company, designs for Health. Some other ones.

Metagenics has good products.

Metagenics, yeah. So, it’s not, the Xymogen is the only one by any means. So that way people don’t know, don’t think we’re super bias saying it’s the only company that you can use. There’s a lot of other great programs out there, but Xymogen is definitely in the top tier for sure.

So as we’re going through this process of trying to come up with a front end offer for, for these thyroid conditions, we keep hitting up against this test thing and it’s just not going to work. There’s, it comes a point where like, okay, you know what, this, we’re never going to find a test that every single client that I get, that Chad and I consult with that we work with, are going to be able to buy into this. So we’ve got to ditch this idea. Right? And so then we kind of shifted to, well, what if, we could get, if we jumped in the mind of our standard thyroid suffer, which is who? Who is the standard, who is the person that commonly, not to paint a broad brush, but commonly is suffering with thyroid conditions.

Typically middle aged woman.

Yeah. Middle aged women. And, what’s interesting about that is, women deal with their thyroid conditions. If you look at the economic spectrum, and we’re not, again, we’re not pointing fingers or anything like that, but women in the middle class to upper class, they look at these thyroid conditions as, “Oh, it’s not just a part of getting old. This is not just something that happens when you, get into your thirties or what have you. This is something I can deal with, I must deal with.” Right? And so jumping into their minds, we’re like, listen, the idea came around, what if we could just help them calm down, to reach homeostasis? Is that what we say?




Just yes, balance. Just to really, and it’s funny you say that word balanced because my wife, I don’t know if your wife or your wives, they’re always, they’re spread across a lot of different things. They’re always trying to find balance, right? That’s a very common, catch phrase, that they’re using. So that was the crux. What could we do to get this niche, this demographic, to just get balanced, to get calm, to really settle down. And that’s where we came up with Restore Balance Pro.

Yeah. Well I was going to say too, I think it’s important to note, the level of motivation and or urgency in terms of the overall psychographics, of these people in terms of where they’re at mentally, emotionally and/or their level of motivation. For those who have dealt with niches like the diabetes and or neuropathy niches. And again this is painting a broad brush I understand, but you tend to find by and large and in general that those people who have been dealing with those chronic issues for quite some time don’t quite have the same level of motivation and/or urgency to get the problem solved.


And so, with thyroid suffers, you’re going to find a much higher degree or higher level. Typically you find women, because I can attest to this from personal experience, my wife suffered for years with thyroid problems, still does. She had thyroid cancer, had her thyroid removed. So that’s the gift that keeps on giving for the rest. I mean, it’s just this balancing act that just is always so fun for her to, to deal with. But the point being is she went to doctor, to doctor, doctor, doctor. And so chances are the women that, you’re going to be working with, and men for that matter too, chances are this is not their first stop.


And so they’ve probably tried a lot and so, but yet they still tend to be fairly highly motivated individuals, hence why they’ve seen so many different doctors. They’re looking, they’re actively seeking. And so that’s a really important piece of the puzzle. In fact, one of the most important pieces of the puzzle, right? You know, you’ve got an audience here that really, really is, is motivated to get the problem solved.

That’s exactly right. And even when we talk about lead quality, lead quality has nearly nothing to do with how well you can target using online marketing. Just to have that out there. It has nothing to do with that. It has everything to do with the audience demographics. So, let’s shift over to you, dr Kidder. The idea was, and now we have proven that this works time and time again. The idea was that Restore Balance Pro would give the prospect, the getting sold on, “Hey, I can get a nice calm, like just balancing effect by taking Restore Balance Pro.” That’s what we sell. Now you is this, I mean are we selling too much sizzle or is there some science backing this up?

No, there’s a ton of science and I think to go back to Chad’s comment about it, thyroid issues are multifactorial. Sadly the allopathic approach is one size fits all. And I look at that quote unquote offer from a medical approach, and that offer is typically the only answer is pharmaceuticals. The answer is you need to be on Levothyroxine, on Synthroid,


Now in a chase case like Chad’s wife, she needs to be because her body’s no longer producing that. But the problem is that one size fits all. And years ago we’re going back to, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, doctors would address a thyroid patient by their symptomatic expression, not just chasing labs. And if Chad and I talk about, “Hey, what’s that typical thyroid patient” like we said, the middle, middle aged woman, “What is she showing up with?” It’s fatigue, bowel issues, typically constipation, you know, dry hair, dry nails, you know, that type of thing. Well, allopathically, they’ll say, “Oh, well, everything on your labs looks normal.” Yet the patient doesn’t feel normal. So their mind goes into that, “I’m never going to feel normal again.” Or even worse, “I’m a hypochondriac.”


And sadly, one of the common followups to a patient who has been prescribed pharmaceuticals for thyroid, that comes back in three months, six months, a year and says, “Hey doc, I’m sorry.”

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