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What is up everybody? Welcome to Behind the Offer. Today we’re talking with Dr. Chad Woolner.

What’s going on everybody?

This is my offer making companion, my companero, my brother from another mother. We do a lot of offers together.

We do. We do indeed.

Today, so we’ve gone through a couple offers today. I really want to go back on the story as far as spinal decompression and knee decompression, and we’re actually going to do these two offers together because they’re virtually identical.


Okay. What goes for one will go for the other. But there’s a lot of, when we come up with offers and we’re trying to figure out, and we do this together, whether it’s for your offers or offers that I’m making, whatever the case may be, we’re always looking for a hook. We’re always looking for a way in the door, right?


Decompression for both spinal and knee has some inherent issues when you’re coming up with the infomercial style offer, correct?


Let’s unpack that a little bit. And I know we’ve talked about a lot of different offers for knee, but let’s start kind of some of the different thoughts that we’ve had about it. Do you want to kind of go from there?

Well I think what’s funny about that is maybe perhaps giving our audience a little bit of a backstory of literally what just happened. Because I think that can tie into what we’re talking about here. I don’t know if you can tell on video or not, but your eyes are a little watery. My eyes are slightly a little watery. Tell, tell them the backstory here and then we can tie that in. Because I think that ties in actually quite perfectly kind of.

Well, so in an effort to solve different problems, we’re always looking for what’s the thing before? What has sizzle? What has some curiosity to it?

Yeah. Potential excitement of wow, that’s different. That’s unique. I want to try that. That’s kind of a cool concept. That’s kind of different.

Well, and the whole idea is, is one of the reasons that click campaigns, one of the, my, I guess you could say my pedestal things, my soapboxes is most offers really are not offers. It’s not an offer if somebody doesn’t want it.

Well and simply purely relying on the discount to do the heavy lifting for you. And that’s my tune has changed and evolved over the years. I originally was, never do discounts, never give away free care or discounted care. Never. And it was very line in the sand. But my tune has changed a little bit there because what’s evolved is the way in which you position it makes all the difference in the world. And what I mean by that I think is perhaps the way that we can just clearly make it is if you’re relying on the discount to do all of the selling for you or the excitement for you, if that is the sizzle, you’re already on the wrong track. And so we, I saw on, I first heard about it through Jordan Belfort’s book Way of the Wolf. He talked about this whole idea of anchoring and you’ve got yours on you. I don’t know if I have mine on me. Oh I do. I got mine on me.

It’s right there.

Yes, yes. He talked about.

I can’t zoom in on it, but it’s right here.

Yeah. This whole thing, this idea, and we’re not getting any sort of an affiliate commission, we should, for this thing called Boom Boom Naturals. And this Boom Boom Naturals was on Shark Tank too. And I saw the video and what prompted me honestly, this is the point that you guys need to understand. What prompted me to buy this stupid little thing in the first place was the demonstration. They showed them on Shark Tank doing it. And basically what it is is it’s an essential oil blend tool thingy that you use. You inhale it and what happens is it’s loaded with peppermint and menthol and a couple of other really cool natural thing.

It’ll wake you up in the morning.

Yeah. And it’s intended as a tool. The way that Jordan Belfort uses it is kind of like a NLP, if you’re not familiar with NLP, stands for neuro linguistic programming. It’s a psychology and or sales technique and or whatever. But what he does is to get himself into state, which is something Tony Robbins teaches a lot about. He will anchor, he’ll get himself, he’ll literally pump himself up, get himself mentally to a good place where there’s positive emotion and then he’ll use this and inhale and anchor that to that state. And if you do it, it’s very much like classical conditioning, like a Pavlovian dog. If you’re familiar with Pavlov’s dogs that basically anytime he needs to get into state to sell, he’ll just do that, which is a cool idea anyways for you to try.

It’s interesting tool.

It’s very interesting. They show this video on Shark Tank of the guys doing this and their reaction after it is like, whoa. Man. And it got me, I was like dude. And one thing you’ll know about, I’m in good company with this, I don’t know about you if you’re the same, but I am the easiest sale in the world. I get excited by new things and I always have felt okay with that. I’m in good company because Russell Brunson is the same way. He is the easiest sale in the world. You get him excited about something, he would go nuts over something like this. I haven’t even shared this with him. In fact, I’ll probably wind up Marco Poloing him and share this with him. But, so we did that. I bought it. It came today and I’m like, dude, I got to try this. And so I tried it and I did it. I did it kind of light on one nostril and then I did it super hard.

And then you told me to do it.

And I was like, whoa. And then I told Sam to do it.

And I went way too hard.

It rocked his world. And so his eyes are watering. And as funny as that experience was though, I think it ties into what we’re talking about here because knee decompression and or disc decompression inherently have a potential value that can be utilized through demonstration and experience. It’s one of those things where the idea behind the offer really is to try and help create sufficient demonstration and excitement in that thing, such that it generates a desire for them to, I want to try that. I need to try that.

And whereas some of our other supplements and products for these offers has an immediate, this has an immediate symptomology. You feel exactly what it does. And the same thing with the neuropathy offer. And the same thing with the thyroid offer.

Yeah, they’re not, this is certainly demonstrable, but the lotion or the cream or the powder or the drink or a supplement or anything, you can demonstrate that to a point. But really what sells those things is the cool story on the backend.

The cool story. Exactly. And so to that, one of the challenges when we’re coming up with these different offers. And I’ll talk about a knee decompression here for a minute. There was a supplement that we were messing around with a little bit. And the reason that we were toying around with it was because how good it is at reinforcing, is it collagen?

Yeah. It’s a type I collagen supplement.

How good it is at reinforcing and just helping that decompression cycle and process. The problem with it is, is it’s more of a pre, it falls into that Gary Halbert said you can’t sell prevention. And so it kind of falls into this, hey, let’s eat healthy kind of thing. Which you should, but it’s hard to sell.

And there is a way that you could do it. There totally is a way that you could angle that in a unique and exciting way. But the punchline or the point is that demonstrating knee decompression has way more intrigue excitement.

Way more.

And curiosity than a bottle, a knee supplement.

Way more so. Kind of getting to the punchline. Decompression, one of the best ways, now there is another offer that we’ll be coming out with eventually, but right now the knee decompression where you actually gift. And this is how we position it. You get two knee decompression sessions or same thing for spinal decompression, two of those sessions free. We position these things as free so long as you pay for your discounted exam. I want to talk about why two. And this is maybe the gospel according to Sam. However, not only anecdotally, meaning not only do we see it worked extremely well with our clients, but it makes sense as, because you and I understand the psychology of why people buy, why they convert.

People buy on two levels. They buy first what? Based on?


Yep. I always call it subjective. Emotion or subjective. That’s the same thing. Subjective means we want to give, our goal of you try it, number one, is that you have some type of feeling. And that feeling is a spark. It’s a way to think, hey, if you’ve ever looked at these alternative solutions to knee decompression, chances are, if you’ve made it into a clinic and you haven’t tried it, that’s because the clinic that you are going after or that you were, if this is the patient, that you were going to, they wanted you to pay for your exam first. We want to get you past that. We want to get you to experience this thing.

Again, I think in, maybe it was the thyroid close. One of the closes I talked about the puppy dog close. We want you to try it out, take it home, see what this feels like. And inevitably when people try both knee and spinal decompression, there is a feeling you get sometimes it’s relief. Maybe you could describe, obviously if you’re a doctor watching this that does that, you know that better than I do. But kind of describe how that first visit works for you guys.

Meaning the demonstrative visit?

Yeah, they’re trying it out for the first time. You guys are trying to pull out the subjective, how does that feel? What are things like that?

Yeah. That’s in essence what it is. What we do is we want to give them, and the idea is this, for a lot of docs who might be a little bit trepidatious about doing this, it really is all about how you lay the groundwork with people in terms of, because that’s the thing. I think maybe there are some docs who might be thinking, man, I don’t want to make, I don’t want to set people up to where they think that those two visits are going to fix their issue. And so for us it’s again like anything else we do is communication is key. Is helping them understand look, the purpose behind these two visits isn’t because we think two visits is going to fix the problem, but rather this is a very simple, quick and effective way for us to find out if you’re a candidate for what we do.

I think that’s important.

That’s a really simple way to set the proper mindset and framework and setting correct expectations because now when you say it that way, they go into it not thinking, sweet, I’m going to get two free visits and I’m going to rig the system. You may occasionally get some people like that.

Well and maybe even that process, but I call it something called removing the sale. You said something that was really important, if. The word if. That word if implies okay, person coming in. If this doesn’t work for you, then we’re okay to walk away. This is not about the money. This is about the result. Let’s see if this A, if this is something that you can believe in, that’s visit number one. Visit number two, people buy first based on emotion and then second they justify their decision with logic.


And so that’s the objective. Now, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I was talking with, oh man, I’ll be forgetting his last name. Ergo-Flex. JT is the owner and his wife’s name is Linda. Very great people, nice people. And they were talking to me about some of the objective things that you can measure with knee decompression and spinal decompression. And so, but what we want to do is we want to going back to that, if this is a fit for you, that second visit should show, hey, we saw an objective change, which to us is proof enough to move forward with you. That’s kind of like the trigger. And if you can get through those first two visits and you can have a really good educational and relationship building first two days, the quote closing process or rather them becoming a patient becomes very effortless.

And here’s why. Because again, this is something I think we have to continually remind docs about is it’s never about the money.

It’s never about the money.

It isn’t. It’s about belief. 100% about belief. Meaning if they don’t believe that your solution can help them, it is about the money because they’re not going to waste their money on something they don’t think is going to help them. But if you can create a sufficient level of belief that there’s a very high probability or it’s, this is going to help me, then all of a sudden it becomes a matter even if money is an issue, quote unquote, it now their mindset now becomes not a matter of can I afford this? It’s how do I afford this? And then I think most clinics are set up in such a way to where they can work with patients to make whatever necessary arrangements they need to to help them.

But the idea is that the two visits and the objective findings are a way to help A, create belief and B, change their reality to one of, I used to think there was no option here for me. I used to, I was super or I came in highly skeptical. Now all of a sudden you’ve made me a believer. Now that I’m a believer and now that I’ve kind of gotten to know you and your clinic and see that you guys are actually as advertised, you’re legitimate. And we’re assuming that’s the case. Their comfort level is much higher with you. They have began to trust you. Well, again for me, the thing I always teach, this was I think episode two of my back then the Reboot podcast. Now the Chirofunnel podcast is, I talked about the two barriers to growing any business.

And that’s chiropractic as well as attention and trust. And so, when you show them not only subjectively that they feel something, feel a difference and objectively show them a measurement, an objective change, you’ve captured their attention, but then you’ve also helped to establish a certain level of inherent trust there. And if you’ve got those two ingredients there, you’re able to move forward into the next kind of phase.

Yeah, perfect. I want to just, so the offer is two decompression sessions, whether for knee or spine and you pay for your exam and generally speaking, that’s going to be $47 for the exam. I want to pivot away from that just for a minute and have a tag along conversation with this because it’s very fitting for this. A lot of times people are wondering what is the best way to get regenerative therapy patients? Going straight to the market with the stem cell or the PRP or the amnio, whatever it is, anymore that is going to be, on Google right now it’s impossible.

Even if it wasn’t, even if it wasn’t impossible, it’s going to be white noise. Because everybody else is doing that same thing. And I was doing a training today earlier. And the thing that’s interesting is I think sometimes the seemingly intuitive thing in business is the wrong thing. And what I mean by that, a classic example is, we think as business owners, where is all the attention? And then let’s just throw our message along with the rest of that. Just because we’re going to build off of that existing momentum. Whereas they think that that’s an asset when in reality it’s a detriment. In terms of when you throw your hat into the arena, so to speak of, well we’re going to integrate now and we’re going to do stem cell along with everybody else because there’s so much buzz around it.

Buzz oftentimes means noise. Now that’s not to say that you can’t get into that arena and do that. And that’s not even saying that you shouldn’t do that. It’s just the classic way that most go about doing it is dead wrong in the sense that oh we do stem cell too. Are you considering stem cell? Because we do that too. I know hundreds of other people here do it, but we do it as well. And I think there’s a much more effective way of doing that, like you’re hinting at. And what might that look like?

Well, yeah. Instead of being a me too marketer and saying, having STEM cell and all these different things like everybody else in your market is doing. The second that you put this out there, this is an amazing pre-frame for anything regenerative medicine.

Regenerative, yeah.

I’ve had some clients that are using regenerative medicine on the spine. But the knee one especially, if you’re doing decompression, adding in regenerative medicine is an amazing way to not only make what your service is different, but really improve.


The perceived outcomes and value.

Yeah, perceived value.

What else say about this is whether you’re using a regenerative therapy on the back or whether you’re using maybe a blueprint, Dr. Gum, he doesn’t use regenerative therapy on his?

He doesn’t specifically, but I think he treats it very similarly to what you’re saying here is that if you want to add that on to his kind of baseline foundation, more the merrier. That’s even better.

Yeah. Whatever your protocol is, don’t get caught up in what that is. If you’re doing stem cell, you want to know how to do more of that, the best way is to get their attention with this offer. And then when their trust with education and reliability and all those things, just give them that experience so when they come in and you say, “Hey, you might be a great candidate for stem cell therapy. Have you heard of that?” Well, yeah, I have. Well, let me tell you a little more about it. And now you’re positioned the right way. You’re the expert. You’re not coming to them with a sales pitch. You’re coming to them with advice.

A solution.

A solution. Anyway, so I just wanted to tag that onto that conversation because I get that question a lot. What do you do for stem cell marketing? My favorite thing for stem cell marketing, if you want to start talking about stem cell marketing, is probably SEO. That or event marketing. We do a lot of event marketing.

Dinner talks.

Yes, dinner talks, but if you want direct to office and that’s how this office is, or I’m sorry, this offer is geared then knee decompression and spinal decompression work absolutely phenomenal. Anything else you want to say in kind of closing?

No, I think we’ve covered it pretty well. I’ll add one other thing in here. When you create a solution, you can get a little extra leverage from that by branding your solution as well as your clinic. When you, the term I use and I don’t even know if this is something I made up or if it’s like, oh yeah, that’s a classic thing in marketing. I don’t know. I just, the concept to me that the way it makes sense is, think about it in terms of sub-branding. You’ve got your overarching clinic name and brand that you’re pushing, but rather than just saying, “Hey, we do knee decompression and we do this and we do that,” and it does all these things. To me it’s always made so much sense to proprietize that whole package. Package it. The term I use, I did again, a podcast on this, proprietary packaging is powerful positioning. And so if you can package it all together under this sub-brand name of, we call it the knee restore protocol or the knee restore program.

That’s funny you say that because that’s exact, it’s called a knee restore exam.

Come up with some sort of a clever tagline, name, phrase, branding, create a logo around it, literally take the time and invest the money to really make that in and of itself something special and unique and you’re going to get a much higher perceived value from what it is that you’re doing.

Great advice. That is Behind the Offer for knee and spinal decompression. Thank you so much for tuning in and we’ll see you on the next video.

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