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Clinics who do 7-Figures have mastered the New Patient game with the formula I’m about to share with you.

It’s easy to understand, but will require one extremely difficult thing…


And I’m dead serious about that statement.

…If you want to have a clinic that makes 7-Figures, it will only happen if you are committed to adopting a new way of doing things.

And I know this because I’ve worked with a lot of Practices who enjoy this level of success.

So, as I go through each of these steps, do me one favor…

The second your brain jumps in and say’s:

… “nah, we tried that and it didn’t work for us”, or

… “well it worked for that person, but it’s different here”

Whatever the objection is… SHUT IT OUT!

Let’s go.

Here’s your numbers.

That’s it, I’m done I guess.


So let’s talk about each and see what needs to be done to achieve each:

Lead Volume:

Uh… I’ll save this for last. (These tactics can be distracting to our initial purpose)

Appts Set (First 2 Wks):

First and foremost, I have NEVER… Let me be emphatic.. NEVER seen a 7 Figure Clinic who outsources this function.

So, while outsourcing has it’s place in business…

It’s not here.

So what is the key to getting between a 60% to 70% Appt set rate?

1) Systematic follow-up- 

  1. Automated follow-up in the first min after the lead is generated.
  2. A phone call after a lead engages via text or email.
  3. A proven call script that sets you up for success. Like this one. (Wait to open until end please)

Now what’s cool about this process is all of the new automation we have available today, and how much time it can save those who use it. (Like from 3hrs/day to 30mins/day)

Mind you, this automation is ONLY a tool to help you, not a utility to REPLACE you. (People buy from people)

2) Training: Whoever is to perform this function inside a practice will only THRIVE if they are given regular training (once a week), follow the exact script and optimize where needed, and are held accountable for at 60% rate AND NOTHING ELSE.

70% Show Rate-

You want to know the #1 reason why people don’t show?

You messed up the scheduling call.

And the primary offense has everything to do with

  • Not following the script…
  • Giving to much information!

Some people just seem to have the “nice” bug…

If someone asks a question they vomit out every possible answer in the name of “good customer service”.

Stick to the script and you’ll hit the stat.

Day 1 to Day 2:

Listen, there’s a lot of coaching groups out there, and they have a lot of different approaches they use, but here’s what they ALL are trying to do…

  • Pre-frame the experience…
  • Identify the problem…
  • Educate the solution.

And while I could teach each one of these topics ( these are things widely known in the sales world)

It would be counter-productive towards the purposes of this email.

Here’s some quick notes:

  • Pre-frame: People need to know they made it to the right place, and have a visual idea what is going to happen BEFORE it happens.
  • Identify the Problem: The Salesman talks AT his prospects… The Advisor listens to understand, asks questions to be understood.
  • Educate the solution: Any person who can buy into a new BELIEF will make it their identity… your enemy is the existing belief. Education (done right) will create the conversion.

Enroll 80%:

If you’ve done all the above processes correctly, enrolling at or above 80% is easy!

It really is. Yet, this is where most Guru’s spend their time.

And they spend most of their time here because they are focused on MANIPULATION.

You are focused on DECISION.

The key to making sure a person is capable of making the right decision is predetermined based on what happens previously.

A person who feels like they are in the right spot, understands their problem better than ever before, and sees your solutions as the one that will finally work…

Just needs a few buying options.

That’s it.

Now, back to marketing!

The old way of new patient marketing is what really kept a lot of people from having success.

  1. They’d hire the agency who’d promise the moon.
  2. Scrap the agency as soon those promises turned into crap.
  3. And looked for the one their friend from school said was doing a good job.

And over and over.

The New Way is to do it yourself!

Well, kinda.

The new way is all about using our software to do it for you.

Patient Stream builds your practice by producing Qualified Leads with Advertising Automation combined with our proprietary “Click Campaigns”

It’s better… faster… & a fraction of the cost.

If you want a Demo, feel free to schedule here!

Until next time…

Sam Carlson
& The Patient Stream Team