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It’s 2021, and if you’re like most of the Docs I’ve met it’s time to STOP DOING THE FOLLOWING:

  • STOP PAYING overpriced Ad Agency’s. (you’re wasting thousands)
  • STOP THROWING AWAY potentially good leads. (this is avoidable… lost money)
  • STOP BLAMING OTHERS for past failed attempts. (this once costs the most)

Now, let’s be clear… I’m not placing any blame you.

For the past couple years the market has been flooded with “get rich quickers” and they’ve been pretty good a leading people like you astray.

But here’s the good news…


START BY RUNNING YOUR OWN ADS! Before you jump to any conclusions like… it sounds complicated, or it’s not worth the headache…

Our software does it for you!

Here’s how it works:

  1. You choose a condition you want to market.
  2. Click on the condition.
  3. Then Click “Create Campaign”.
Then, our software will:
  • Build a proven marketing campaign on Facebook for you (with Ads and Ad Copy)
  • Manage Lead performance and cost.
  • Follow up with new leads as they are effortlessly generated.
  • And basically…


Hard to believe???

Grab a Demo and see for yourself!

To schedule a DEMO, CLICK HERE!

See you on the next email.

Sam Carlson
& The Patient Stream Team

BTW… I know a little proof goes a long way, so here’s a couple of in-depth interview with actual users. – This is Michelle Sims. She and I had a long form discussion about how to be successfull at converting new leads into Patients. She grew her practice 30% During COVID, and largely with help from Patient Stream. – This is Luis Del Rio. Luis crushes with our Neuropathy campaign, in fact he kinda helped us create it. In this interview he talks about how he get’s qualified, and paying patients enrolled with ease.