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Sam here, no time to dilly-dally…

Let’s get right into it!

  1. The “Your Take Email” –Any time you send an email you MUST answer this question…WHY?

    Why are you emailing them?

    You can’t just send emails because you want Patients, or you need money. You must have a valid and valuable reason that motivates the email.

    Enter the ‘Your Take Email”!

    This email is designed to offer your take on relevant/trending topics. The key to this type of email is NOT to chime in every time there’s a celebrity gossip story, or new figures are released on the economy.

    This type of email should be commentary in areas of implied expertise.

    So, if you’re Doctor and you want to share an informed perspective… do it!

    Here’s some tips:

    – Start each email with transparency and understanding. There are other points of view, and if you take a definitive side too quickly… half the readers will leave.

    – Be objective. Using facts to frame and topic, and siting those facts, and saying why those facts are not tainted is very important. Surprising data is always a great way to get attention.

    – Share stories! People learn through hearing stories, it in our DNA. Yet most of the time emails are boring and tell things instead of sell things. Never forget…

    Facts tell, stories sell.

  2. The Offer Email- Whether you like it or not, a new offer is a great way to get past patients or old prospects into your Practice.This type of email is great to use when you have a new therapy to promote, or initiative you would like people to learn about.

    I knew of a clinic who really wanted to educate people on strengthening their immune system. He had a well thought out kit, instructions on how to use it, and neat studies that showed some effective preventative measures against viruses.

    I like two types of Offers:

    The Test Drive Offer- This is exactly what it sounds like… Letting people come in and try a therapy or service before they buy.

    IE: Have disc pain? Come in and try disc decompression therapy!

    The Self-Discovery Offer- Whether you offer labs, Thermographic scans, or some neat diagnostic. Offers that provide answers to peoples problems can be very powerful. So invite people into your clinic to get clarity on their conditions.

    IE: How bad is your diabetic nerve pain? Come in for a Thermographic scan this week for free.

  3. The Education Based Email-A few years back I got deep into Chet Holmes Education Based Marketing. His basic approach was to appeal to peoples interest by presenting information in a strategic fashion.He would never talk about a topic directly… instead he would use studies or research that inferred new findings towards a topic.

    It’s kinda hard to teach but, here’s a few examples:

    Instead of taking about weight-loss or diet, he’d share a study that shared by certain genetic markers would prevent any time of weight-loss effort.

    Instead of trying to sell new roofs to building owners, he’d share a commissioned study that shared research about the 5 Critical Threats to Commercial Real Estate in 2021.

    Hopefully you’re getting the idea. It’s Chess, NOT Checkers.

    The most important thing here is information that applies to the user but does not promote your service directly.

    Want to take a deeper dive, check out this video:

  4. The Benefit, with X Email-Ok, this style of email NEVER get’s old!Why?

    Because as long as you can talk about new benefits or tips the can help your audience…

    There’s always people who want to hear them!

    It’s all too common for business owners to make the terrible mistake of talking about how amazing their features are. While you may be  excited about your “thing”…

    No one cares.

    People only care what’s in it for them.

    Always start with that.

    Let’s try a few:

    – How to end knee pain for the long haul… and do it without invasive surgery. (Benefit, then your thing)

    – Want a healthier heart? Here’s three supplements we use. (Benefit, then a promise)

  5. The 25K Email:So this email is a real money maker, in fact it’s called the 25K email because I had one client use it and report a legitimate 25K from a single email.It’s an old email marketing tactic taught by Dean Jackson a long time ago.

    This thing is so simple, but it works!

    Here’s the framework:

    Email subject line: [Person’s first name]

    Email Body text:

    Hey [Name], are you still interested in (getting help with back pain)?

    Your name

    AND THAT”S IT!!!

    People will get back to you like you’ve never seen before, it’s magic!


When it comes to email marketing, if you’re not implementing a full email strategy for your practice…

You could be missing out BIG!

It the most overlooked marketing tactic there it, and in my opinion could be the best because it’s FREE.

The fortune is in the follow-up me friend.

Sam Carlson


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