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Hey Doc,

If over the last 12 months you’ve been startled by changes in your practice, then I’d invite you to take an hour of your time to listen to a discussion about what I believe you’re going to need to do in 2021 if you want to be successful.

In 2020 things changed… Some clinics went under… but some adapted, and even thrived!

And that is what I want to share.

So, I sat down with my buddy Dr. Chad Woolner to talk about what I learned by watching certain practices grow in spite of unforeseen (and unfair) challenges.

To listen to our discussion, go here: The Profitable Practice in 2021

Sam Carlson
& The Patient Stream Team

P.S. To learn more about how you can apply the tactics we discuss, sign up for the next live workshop here: How to quickly add a profitable program into your practice.