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The Lazy Docs Way To Riches

(Unveiling the Marketing Secret Top Docs Use To Attract An Avalanche New Patients)

Dear Friend,

Would it change your practice if you could get new patients everyday?

For most chiropractors the answer would be a huge YES.

Sure, it SOUNDS good… But it seems more confusing than what the “gurus” tell you.

So what’s the deal?

Well, it’s not as simple as just slapping up a good ole fashioned ad on Facebook.

You know the “Crazy Offer” kind…

Not to mention…

The “What’s Hot In New Patient Marketing” sure does change from year to year, doesn’t it?

First, the gurus said, “do as many screening as possible. That will fix everything!”

And then they told you…

“Forget screenings! They’re DEAD! RIP! Those don’t work anymore”

Instead, hire this “Agency” and you’ll get hundred of leads every month.

“Leads are all you need”

And then you said:

“These leads stink!”

(Bunch of broke people aka “Cheaples”)

It sure can feel like they’re telling you:


Here's the PROBLEM with their advice…

Most aren’t experienced marketers. They’re not taught how to run “Patient Conversion”campaigns. (as opposed to “patient lead” campaigns.)

And they’re all running ads–and targeting people–who everyone else is targeting…

And get this…all these ads are the SAME.

Can you see how that loses it’s effectiveness?

Most successful Chiropractors I know don’t have the time or the patience to learn the science of selling one to many.

What you might call salesmanship in print.

Something I call “Conversion Copy”.

Why?…They’re too BUSY!

I assume you are too, you know…

  • Busy treating patients.
  • Busy honing your craft.
  • Busy signing up new patients.

But, like many, they are still burdened with the up’s and down’s of getting new patients into their clinics on a consistent basis.

What’s more—creating and running ads can require a degree in rocket science (if done correctly).

On top of that… If you’re running Ads you MUST have

High Converting Funnels! (Funnels are just landing pages)

Yes, Proven Marketing Funnels that work for any market…

“ Where do I even get a “Proven Funnel? ”

And what if it STOP working?

Well, your practice is on shaky ground… You’re left with the resulting confusion…

and it’s back to your next “Best Guess…”

Now… If this resonates with you at all… then you will be happy to hear that

I’ve discovered a way to get new patients everyday. 

All without stressing over Facebook ads or guessing about the next “Hot Marketing” tool.

As a matter of fact…

In the last 3 months we’ve improved our monthly new patient conversions by 21%…

…. with an additional 17% increase in direct phone calls to our clients clinics.

And our clients get the direct results that goes with those consistent wins…

right to their bottom line.

And we did this ALL without relying on Facebook ads.

This system doesn’t rely on Facebook alone.

Sure we USE Facebook ads— but this 3 part system doesn’t “put all your eggs in one basket”.

The best part is…

It’s a “Blue Ocean” Strategy …which means our way is a NEW way of doing things.

And it works like crazy with something you already have…

Patient Results!

Now, fair warning, this method is NOT sexy.

It’s a solution which works ONLY for people who get real results for their patients…

It does NOT work for “Pop & Pray” Docs… ( you know the type )

All that said…

There’s some setup involved (way easier than what you’re most likely doing now) …

…and it requires some direction (which is what makes it so effective ).

But once you start using this system… it works FOR you.

No more beating a dead horse.

By the way, if the way of marketing I described above is working for you… GREAT!

I fully believe in Facebook ads and funnels too.

I just think when they stop working you’ll need a way to ramp the results back up.

Or get results which never existed in the first place.

In fact, this 3 part system BUILDS on your current success. It won’t take away from it in any way.

BTW …(I call it “The H.S.O Method”) …

So here’s the deal… I’ve decided to share it with a select few Docs.

This is one of the first times I’ve ever shared this strategy outside my company, and only a few people are even aware of it.

That said, I’m only looking to share it with genuine people with pure interest in one thing…

Growing their practice 

If that’s you, we’ll walk through how this works.. soup to nuts!

BTW, this system is the EXACT way we’ve helped even “seven figure” clinics scale and grow like crazy over the past years.

Also, you won’t have to watch a 4 hour webinar.. And I’m not going to “warm you up” so you can get sold on a sales call. ( This system sales itself, the fact that you’re reading this proves it works. ) 

What happens now is simple…

If this has resonated with you then I’m about to tell what to do next.

If it hasn’t, that’s cool – no need to waste each other’s time.

So if you DO want to learn more about this then… At the bottom of this page there’s a simple web form.

Fill out the form… Tell me about you and your business.

And we will hop on a call. Just me and you.

( No sales team )

Last thing, once you fill out the form I will send you a link to a video that proves what I explained here is 100% real—and authentic…

This video explains “The H.S.O Method” from 30k feet and gives you an idea of what we’ll talk about.

The video will also cover your questions – like:

— What kind of results can I expect?

— Won’t it stop working if too many people know about it?

— How does it provide certainty and control in my business?

You know, the questions I would want to ask if I was in your shoes reading this stuff that seemed too good to be true…

If however the video excites you, then we’ll get on a call in the next couple days and see if it’s a good fit.

If all this makes sense to you…

Then just fill in the form and tell me about your business and we’ll talk.

Talk soon,

Sam Carlson

P.S. – If you’re anything like me, you scanned through most the page… So I’ll give you a quick summary. I’m offering an opportunity to see how our proprietary patient conversion method ( the H.S.O. Method ) brings in a steady and predictable flow of patients to qualified clinics. To see if there’s a mutual fit and if this system is right for you, fill out the form below.

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