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The Secret To New Patient Marketing That No One Has The Guts To Tell You.

Here’s highlights from our chat if you want to know whether it’s worth your time:


  1. 5:25 Awesome Leads: Why most ads don’t work, and how we “lucked” into fixing it.
  2. 8:15 Able-to-Pay Patients: Why you want to focus on “Qualified” prospects to scale your practice. 
  3. 14:30 The Truth on Price: Do you feel like you’re underpaid? Here’s how to fix it.
  4. 20:41 The Study You Need To Know: Stop doing this with your patients IMMEDIATELY!
  5. 23:30 Why Use Offers: Use this offer strategy, and solve your new patient issues.
  6. 33:50 Care Plans: Should you offer Care Plans, or not?
  7. 35:38 Grow Your Practice: How can you dominate your local market in your first year?
  8. 42:30 The Truth About Marketing: How to actually turn leads into patients.
  9. 45:00 The Easy Button: If you want a shortcut to booked appointments, do this.
  10. 49:30 Lead Nurturing Done-Right: What you’re asking your front desk to do is hurting you.

Fill Your Books – No Lifting Required

If you are struggling to get a hold of leads, or you feel like patients who make it into your clinic are not qualified, consider reaching out to us to take over this important patient getting task.

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