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If you were to ask me 2 years ago what it took to be successful in business, I might have answered:

  • Awesome marketing funnel
  • Unique offers
  • Systems that run your business.

And while all of those are good things and important, there’s only ONE thing that will determine your success.

The Size Of Your Audience.

Nothing else even comes close to this factor when it comes to massive success.

And the crazy part is that most Practices think this is something reserved for online companies and doesn’t apply to local brick and mortar.


It even more important!

Ask yourself this question: Do you regularly send email, or create content for your local audience with a “give first” approach?

If you do, KUDOS! You are in the super minority.

If you don’t, it’s time to create your plan… Like today.

Grab a pen and paper:

1) Content.

Content is a funny one, because no one seems to know what to do, so here’s a couple of ideas:

  • Watch Me Do Videos: I created this training on how to create videos people will actually watch a loooooonnnnggg time ago. I’ve had clinics go viral by using the framework, and it’s super easy to do.So, make a video, send it out to your audience (via email) and done!
  • Podcast: Starting a podcast is not that hard anymore, and is a great way to establish your positioning in your market. The key is to picking a niche enough idea and sticking to that over and over.

2) Email Success Stories.

Sharing stories of patient success is a great way to maintain your positioning in your audience. Just make sure that the stories are all about THEM… NOT YOU.

Over time, you will soon be known as the go-to place.

3) Don’t sleep on dead leads!

Almost every clinic who has done marketing at one point or another has leads who didn’t convert in the first week so they never reached out to them again.

What a missed opportunity.

Make offers… Ask if they still need help. Send my 25k Email!

4) Just Give.

You may not think anyone want to hear from you, and maybe you’re right. But the reality is that as long as your content is value facing, over time people will love what you’re doing.

It’s never about the people who don’t care, it’s always about those need a little help.

Here’s the reality.

Most won’t do any of these things.

They’ll continue on with business as usual.

And those people would be missing out BIG.

But that’s not you.

You are going to take you piece of paper and your notes and you’re going to implement a plan.

It won’t happen in a week, or even a month.

But it won’t be very long before everyone knows who you are and refers you business every time there’s a conversation that involves someone’s health problems and why they are miserable.

Then the topic will turn to you.

And that’s it!

Good luck.

Sam Carlson
& The Patient Stream Team